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Chorister meets Spitfire

So, what to do with our time during lockdown.....

I have two sons; the eldest, Peter, is a Chorister in the Winchester Cathedral choir, the youngest sings in the Winchester College Chapel choir.

During lockdown, both choirs were keen to keep their boys active and singing, so we have been doing home recordings of the individuals, then sending them for amalgamation with the others, to produce a virtual choral performance.

I decided to take one of Peter's pieces recorded in my cabin at home, and add some imagery to it (as well as make it sound as if it was recorded in the cathedral). The images were recorded during Peter's grandpa's Spitfire flight (an 80th birthday present). The stills were done by me and the video by my brother-in-law, Paul. Alas, there wasn't room for me in the spotter plane.

I hope you like it.

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